How do you order custom suits?

On the Home page click on order a suit to send us your measurements and only use the checkout method as a way to securely pay for your order. In the opened link choose whether you’d like to have a suit or office wear . Upon selection, a form will appear at which you will be requested to input your measurements follow through with the guidance until the end of the form and submit. Await approval of receipt via email and if you have any questions please feel free to contact us.

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How we lead in sustainability

How we lead in sustainability

Our suits are made in a way we are proud of. We reduce our carbon impact at every opportunity. Where we can’t reduce we offset. Our focus on bespoke garments further reduces waste by better matching production with demand. We only use the highest quality natural fibres. We aim to keep artificial additives out making our products, built to last and easy to recycle.

Our Story

Since our beginning in 2020 our goal has been to create a bespoke brand that is affordable and durable. Our tailors have a passion for detail. For individuality. For You. We offer quality fabric of unmatched quality. BeYou's growth has been built on understanding the principles of classic tailoring, combining them with modern designs and technology.

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