Our story

Growing up in the rural parts of Zimbabwe made Christmas season such a special time to me. On Christmas Day I would indulge in good food and beverages, but more importantly, it was the only day I would ever get new clothes. Apart from Christmas Day, Sunday was my favourite because I would get to see the beautiful girls I had crushes on, but most importantly, I would be wearing my nice clothes. I moved from my maternal rural home, Mrewa, to Harare in Grade 5 to attend a boarding school where I got to wear uniforms most of the time, and when I came back home for the holidays the routine persisted that I would only wear the nice clothes on Sunday for church and I would get new clothes on Christmas. This routine lasted a good 7 years. I remember in Grade 7 my father bought a shitload of clothes (2 huge suitcases) and sent it to my paternal grandmother’s younger sister with whom I stayed.  She refused to give us the clothes right then. Rather she came up with a condition that she would give us 5 pairs of clothes and when we would want new clothes, we would have to return the ones she had given us earlier on. New clothes came with restrictions and conditions. It bothered me why I had to look good on Sundays  and/ or on Christmas Day only. This lifestyle continued till high school, where I then started hustling for money to be able to buy myself some good clothes. I only managed to get my first suit when I was in Form 3-equivalent of year 9, which my uncle then borrowed and never returned. And that’s how I lost my first suit. My second suit, I only bought when I came over to Australia.

Now the big question: Why start a suit business?

How many times have you gone into a shop that sell suits and they don’t have what you are looking for and you have to settle for the next best thing. It’s even worse for people like me who are taller than the average person. There is always a mismatch between the jacket and the trousers: lengthy trousers, short jacket or good size jacket accompanied by baggy trousers and so on. In Australia suits prices range between $400 and $800, often than not much more. It’s a futile exercise to buy a suit that doesn’t fit hoping to make readjustments which usually cost between $50 and $100, if we’re being frugal. It appears I am not the only one who is truly bothered or irritated by this. The many conversations I have had with people in University and from various walks of life revealed a great disdain of readjustment of suits or finding the right size suit. I then thought of a solution to these myriads of problems and that is how the idea of launching BeYou suits emerged.

Each time I wear a BeYou suit, I look good and I also feel good. And when I feel good, I do better. I can walk into any room and not be intimidated. That became my motivation to inspire other people to look good and feel good and find that inner courage to just Be themselves. We live in a world where conformity is fast becoming the order of the day; people are losing their sense of individuality. With BeYou suits the vision is to make sure one feels so good about themselves that they retain their individuality, and they can simply stand out. They can simply Be Themselves. Individuality transcends gender; thus, our suits cater for both males and females. BeYou suits for women are meant to propel them to greater heights. Gone are the days they were defined by their proximity to men, rather they should be defined in their own realm and spectrum. They should simply Be Themselves. BeYou suits are affordable and durable. The tailors have a passion for detail. For individuality. For You. We offer quality fabric of unmatched quality. We keep in mind the weather and climate of this land, and all the others we serve when making our suits. BeYou suits are tailor made to the specifics and preferences of the customer. BeYou suits are not just another piece of clothes but rather the definition of individuality, excellence and precision. In a BeYou suit you can conquer the world. You can Be You.