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Mens 3-piece suit

Mens 3-piece suit

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If you have worn a three-piece suit before, you will most likely approve that the feel of wearing one, especially when it is a custom-tailored one, really is beyond match.

Even if you haven’t you will be able to acknowledge how logical this fact is, in just a minute. What separates the 3-piece suit from a 2-piece variant is, not surprisingly – the third peace! Well, that probably didn’t knoch you off the chair, but with a waistcoat added to the look you’ll instantly transform into a successful-looking gentleman. It is absolute crucial to have your waistcoat following the contour of your body perfectly, so you may want to consider getting this custom-tailored instead of the off-the rack alternatives you’ll find in retail stores around the globe. The feel you have from this is just being more held in place or more held together. Gents, think of when you hit that baseball diamond or the football field with, or without your jock. That’s the difference in feel. A custom-tailored waistcoat also adds a slimming look, even though it is considered an extra layer. It shows a strong balance of fabric, all the way from your shoulders and down to your shoes. Finally, it is important to think about how it would actually make YOU feel, personally.
When you unbutton your jacket (single breasted) as you take a seat, you’re still buttoned up (your vest/waistcoat) which still gives you that distinguished look, you don’t need to worry about how tightly tucked your shirt is – your waistcoat handles it for you.
When you stand, and your hands are on your hips, or in your pockets and your jacket flaps are back again, you still appear suited up and in charge. These are undoubtedly some of the subtle but impacting style marks you make wearing your three piece suits. You remain put together at all times!

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